Royal Table – May 2017

royal table


Arise! Arise! Hear the clarion call of destiny and arise. Why do you slumber and lie still when I call you into a place of purpose and destiny?

Again, I say Arise! With the command comes power and authority. You are well able to arise because of the power in my word. Therefore arise! Cast of garments of shame, guilt, disappointments, envy and slander. ¬†Arise! Where are your mourners, spectators and accusers? In the midst of chaos and doubt, I call you out to arise. Be strong and be of good courage. I have brought you into this moment and time not to leave you dead or still. You shall not be disgraced and reproach will be far from you.¬† Continue reading “Royal Table – May 2017”

Royal Table


royal table

Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.Yet you say; what do I arise from? How do I shine? Where is the glory of the LORD?

The LORD is not slow in fulfilling his promise as many think but his mercy is enduring that all might come to him and not perish.From the heap of despair, from oppression and depression, there is a command to arise! No matter the depth of the pit you dug or others put you into; the word of the LORD is to Arise! As you arise, you will begin to shine not by your might, power or goodness but by the Spirit of the LORD. Do you not know, where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom?

Arise! Do not tarry any longer.Arise from pain, wounds and bitterness. Do not say anymore, I have no one to help me. Is the LORD God, not your maker and help? He who watches over Israel does not slumber nor sleep and he watches over you. His word is not void but like a hammer to break every chain and like fire to burn out every planting of the enemy.

So Arise! Be strong and march forth, for the LORD your God goes before you.He is the mighty warrior. The King of Kings and the LORD of Lords who calls you to Arise, Shine for his glory is in and upon you to make you shine like the sun in the dawn of the morning.

Jehovah lives! Jehovah reigns!