Royal Table – June 2017

royal table


The month of June is a month of revelation.

Revelation into his word, the past, your present and future. This will be Isaiah 30:21 revelation kind; a Knowing and knowing what to do with the Knowing

Hearts will be restored to the LORD as he gives you a retrospective view of his goodness and interventions from your past and present yet revealing the truth of who he is in your future. Continue reading “Royal Table – June 2017”

Royal Table – May 2017

royal table


Arise! Arise! Hear the clarion call of destiny and arise. Why do you slumber and lie still when I call you into a place of purpose and destiny?

Again, I say Arise! With the command comes power and authority. You are well able to arise because of the power in my word. Therefore arise! Cast of garments of shame, guilt, disappointments, envy and slander.  Arise! Where are your mourners, spectators and accusers? In the midst of chaos and doubt, I call you out to arise. Be strong and be of good courage. I have brought you into this moment and time not to leave you dead or still. You shall not be disgraced and reproach will be far from you.  Continue reading “Royal Table – May 2017”

Royal Table – April 2017

royal table

Carry what I have given you.

The father says, come up yonder. Climb up higher. Ascend the mount of the call on your life. The valley is a passage not a habitat. Do not be bugged down by the ridges in the valley. The flustering and haziness is a plot to distract your focus and the height of your climb.

Do not look to the left nor the right. Fix your eyes on me. Set your heart on me. Plant your feet on me. Let your ears attune to me. I have not spoken in secret, yet in the secret place is where you find me. In this place no bird of prey or fowler’s eye has seen and no predator can dwell in my presence.

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Royal Table


royal table

Isaiah 43:19 King James Version (KJV)  – “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert”.

The time is now. This is the time to rise up and walk.

If you are walking, this is the time to run.

If you are running, this is the time to fly.

If you are flying, then this is the time to soar and come up higher.

This is the time to March forward in Strength and in victory. This is the time to walk into the manifestation of your promises. Know my child, that my promises are Yea and Amen and it has already been established in the heavenly realms for you and your good. Yet as a father, I desire partnership and relationship with you. I desire you to walk in the power and authority, that I have made available to you in bring what is established in heaven on earth. Creation and all of heaven is awaiting your manifestation as an heir and child of the kingdom.

What will you behold in this season Child? Will you behold and know that I am God? Will you know and understand that I am the God of impossibilities? My strength is made perfect in your weakness and my grace abounds forevermore. In this season of Newness, behold me and be reflected into Glory as you gaze upon my beauty and majesty. Get to know your father as you march forth majestically into victory.

Listen my beloved, you are not in the battle to see how things will work out. You are in the battle to take what has already been won for you. You are here to take up your possessions and inheritance. Take up the spoil and feed on abundance. Know that I go before you and hence your feet is steadied and your paths made straight.

Do you believe me when I say you will know it before it springs forth? Hold on to my word. Keep your gaze fixed on me. You have not come this way before, Trust my ways. Do not look at the seemingly impending obstruction and impossibility. Arise and March forth, For I make all things NEW




Royal Table


royal table

The field is ripe. The harvest is plentiful. Who will I send? Who will heed my call? The barns are full, the press is overflowing with wine. Who will heed my call? Who will carry my fruits to the weak and hungry? Who will clothe the naked with my warmth and Glory?

Many are the thoughts of a man but it is the LORD who establishes his way. I know your thoughts and I know my thoughts for you. You do not know the entirety of my thoughts toward you. It is great and overwhelming for your mind to comprehend. The sum of its vastness, all of creation cannot contain. My thoughts for you is glorious and majestic and I need you to walk with me and partner with me to see its fruition in your life. I desire to make known to you the path of life. Continue reading “Royal Table”

Royal Table



royal table

The land is yours. Go up and take it. Yet you ask; which land? Yet again, I’ll remind you; the land I promised to you even from the beginning of the year. Why do you think it is too late? Caleb took his possession even at age 85 because he knew he who had promised was faithful. I ask you child, did Caleb not see the giants in the land as the others did? Yet he had eyes of faith and the spirit of understanding. He knew I am not a God who teases. He knew that my goodness and loving kindness endures forever hence if I have brought him to it than I was also able to let him to take it.

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Royal Table



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When a child gets into a fight, whether they are at fault or not; they scurry to go get their parent to intervene because they seek to win the fight and want justice in their favor. Oh that you my child, will recognize and know who I am for you. Why do you war so earnestly against a foe that you cannot overcome except through me? Do you realize; that in and with me, the fight is already in victory and from victory. Who do you say I am in the battle? Continue reading “Royal Table”