Royal Table – March 2018

    SPRING UP A WELL Why do you thirst when there is more than enough to refresh you? Why dwell in the wilderness,when the wetlands are your inheritance? Behold, the wells are springing up. The wells that were hidden and clogged up from years of frustration, disappointment and heartache are bubbling up. The clogged [...]


Royal Table – February 2018

All that you have longed for, all that you have prayed for. It is coming upon you in full measure and with the grace to walk in it.

Royal Table – September 2017

MANIFEST This is a season of an awakening. This is a season of manifestation. Arise and shine! Arise and shine sons and daughters of the covenant of the blood of JESUS. Behold your King! Behold your LORD! Creation, all of creation has been groaning and awaiting this time. This season of your manifestation. In you, [...]