Building Blocks


The Foundation of Who I am. The confidence in Whose I am.

  1. I believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST as part of the trinity of the Godhead. The God who stepped down into humanity to die for my sins, to set me free and make me whole. The one who calls me to BE and not to DO. To be a beloved daughter and warrior for his GLORY only.
  2. I  believe in the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. The God who loved me enough to live in me and conform me to the image of Christ. The precious one who lets me in on the secrets of heaven and life and leads me into all truth. The one who is transforming me into a spotless bride for the coming King JESUS.
  3. I believe in the Bible being the life giving words of the creator of the universe. It is the lifeline and secret to victory, triumph and success in the sojourn on this earth. I believe in the power of its transformation, healing and restoration. It is the final authority in my life.
  4. I believe in the community of believers. We are called together as a victorious army to encourage and spur each other on in walking in the victory and establishing the dominion and authority that has already being paid for us  by the blood of JESUS on the cross.