Royal Table – September 2018

SEASON OF OVERTURN Come all who are weary and I'll give you rest. Rid yourself of the ashes and ash cloth. Declare in the valley of dry bones, there is an army arising. In the place of confinement, enlarge your tent pegs. Behold, the LORD, Behold the King of Glory! The LORD GOD mighty in [...]


Royal Table – May 2018

The Valley of Achor has become a door of hope. In the place, where you were despised, the hills will break forth before you in joy and celebration. Behold, I am your banner, your banner of peace, your banner of wisdom. Where there was panic and weeping, a steadfastness of heart and glorious joy will erupt. Hear this, O Child, cast down the look of desperation and let your eyes glimmer with the rays of hope.