Royal Table – December 2017

royal table


Jehovah Tzevaot, Jehovah Sabaoth is his name. His name is the LORD of Host. The LORD of the angel armies of heaven. A warrior king whose dominion and rule is over all creation. The one who gives life and life in abundance. The Lion has roared, who can but prophesy? He has come to set the captive free and to heal the broken heart. The one who is mighty to save is here to deliver and declare freedom.

Who is he that can stand against you? Who is he that can establish what El Shaddai has not declared? For he has said; I’ll give men in your stead because of  the everlasting covenant I have with you. By what name will man be saved? Whose breath gives life? By whose words are the heavens established? What can separate you from  El Roi; the God who sees and loves you endlessly?

Behold your King! Behold your deliverer! Your salvation is at hand! Who can wrestle  you from his hands? Why do you shudder in fear? Why is your hands feeble? Let the weak say; I am strong. Let the poor say; I am rich. He is the God who goes before you to make a way. He breaks bars of iron and bronze. He causes the ancient gates to be lifted up so his Glory over you arises and shines. Let you heart be strengthened and encouraged, for the LORD God is with you wherever you go.

Be strong! Take courage! Fix your eyes on him, for he is your salvation. The enemies you look upon today, the vast army of captivity that you see today shall only become a memory. For the LORD your God is mighty to save and rejoices over you with singing. See how he has plundered your enemies! Watch as your sons and daughters are carried and brought afar. The chains have been broken. The yoke has been crushed! Your redemption is here. The King is in you and among you.

Though the devourer sets his snares and traps, it call be in utter futility because you are marked by the blood. The blood is your banner. It is your salvation. For you have escaped the pit dug for you, the nets cast before you shall remain empty. For the LORD God is for you. Surely on Mount Zion, there your deliverance is established and celebrated.

Not only shall he deliver you. Surely, he will repay you for what was stolen. He will restore what was distorted. Instead of wood, you shall have bronze and instead of bronze, you will receive gold. Not because of what you have done or will do but because of who he is and his name. Favor will spring upon you in a dry and weary land. He will be your sun and moon; an everlasting light of comfort. Your light will break forth like dawn and your righteousness will go before you, the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

So be still and know that he is LORD. He is forever exalted in all the earth. You will reap where you have not sown, a thousand fold shall you reap. Your season of sowing and harvest shall merge into an unending season of fruitfulness. Live in the land and do good. Lift up your eyes unto the hills, Jehovah Elohim is your help. For in this day, your captivity has been turned and you will be like a dreamer for he will fill your mouth with his goodness. Joy and praise shall come out of you and it will be declared concerning you; the LORD has done great things for you, his dearly beloved.


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