When it looks like you have been denied, rejected,overlooked and not chosen; look deeper. You are chosen! 



…”perhaps he will love me”. Genesis 29:32 many times in your life have you felt like you had to do something to be loved, to receive affirmation and affection, to be chosen for who you are.

You are not alone! In one of the first love stories in the bible, we meet Leah the woman described as one with weak eyes. She wasn’t a show stopper or one to turn heads like her sister Rachel.(Genesis 29:17) Hence her dad Laban, had to devise a plan to marry her off by sneaking her into bridal chamber instead of her sister Rachel who Jacob loved.

In a previous post on Being Leah, I talked about the pain and hassle of trying to be someone or something that you are not. I’d like to share a revelation and understanding  of this story, so follow along closely if you would.

Leah has constantly being bashed about longing for that which wasn’t hers. However, we forget she was chosen by God! How?

Do you remember Jacob’s encounter at Bethel en route Laban’s house? (Genesis 28:14) If you don’t know the story; Jacob had “robbed” Esau out of his blessing as the firstborn from their father, Isaac and hence had to fled because Esau intended to kill him after Isaac’s death. As Jacob fled, he had a heavenly encounter at night when slept in which God spoke to him about his future and blessing.

God told him that through his offsprings, all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Okay…???? How does that show that Leah was chosen by God to be Jacob’s wife and part of the grandeur plan of salvation of all mankind?

If you keep reading the accounts that follow, Leah bore six sons that included and made up the 12 tribes of Israel. There would have been no 12 tribes without her. There would have been no 12 disciples chosen by JESUS to judge the 12 tribes. (Matthew 19:28) Leah was chosen!

When it looks like you have been denied, rejected,overlooked and not chosen; look deeper. You are chosen! (John 15:16). You were chosen before the foundation of the world. You were predestined to be loved, treasured and celebrated! You have been hand picked and selected to bear the fruit of love, joy, peace and righteousness. You were chosen deliberately on purpose to be a woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother.

Your journey on the path does not determine who you are, who you are was determined before you set out on the journey

I’d like to propose to you that Hagar was chosen as well! You might wonder why and how?? Just come along with me..Have you ever considered the fact that Abraham had many servants? Why was Hagar, the one chosen to mate with Abraham? I’ll give you another reason why she was chosen. Later on in the story in Genesis 16 after Hagar conceived, she began to disrespect Sarah who then dealt harshly with her and she fled. However as she fled, the LORD encountered her and this where the name El Roi ; “the God who sees originated”. Hagar was chosen even though it looked like it was a mistake and disobedience, an Egyptian servant was chosen to unravel that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY sees! Despite your mistakes..God still chooses you and sees you.

Despite your mistakes..God still chooses you and sees you
If you come further along with me, you will also realise that Rahab, the Jericho prostitute was chosen! I doubt that Rahab was the only prostitute in Jericho who lived in or on the wall of Jericho. Yet she was the one chosen to hide and help the Israelite spies.

It might be that at the time, a man was a woman’s sole source of provision. NO one “chose” her so she decided to choose her men in other to provide for herself. Little did she know..she was chosen by God as a woman of faith and courage.The prostitute in the family, turned out to be the one chosen to save all of her family from being destroyed with all the inhabitants of Jericho. Not only that but she was chosen to bear offsprings that would be part of the genealogy of JESUS CHRIST, our LORD and Savior. (Mathhew 1:5). As such you have no excuse or impudence whatsoever to think you are not good enough to be chosen by a man or anyone. You are chosen!

You are chosen!

Are you convinced yet? Let’s take a look at the woman at the well in John 4. On the surface, it didn’t look like this woman was chosen. She had four men under her belt, whether they were dead or she was divorced.. the nagging question was why couldn’t she hold a man down? This nursed a quest to be chosen until she met JESUS and realized, he had chosen her from the beginning of time. He loved her extremely well to offer her water that satisfied her longing thirst to be chosen. He chose her as his first representative and ambassador in the town of Samaria. The one they gossiped about and shunned now became the newscaster and the welcomed diplomat!  She had been chosen because the King of Kings so pleased and delighted in her and had paid EVERY PRICE for her to be chosen. The King so pleases and delights in you! You are chosen!

The King so pleases and delights in you! You are chosen!
You are chosen because the KING so pleased and calls you the Apple of his glorious eyes…😘👍

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