Royal Table – October 2017


royal table



Your father beckons to you today, he says come daughter, come son. Come child. Come and dwell. Make your abode with me. Lay everything down at my feet. Come and be with me. You don’t have to do anything; you just have to BE. Be my child, be my prized possession. Be the one, I delight in. BE a lover of my presence. All you have to do is BE. BE loved, BE forgiven. BE set free. BE who you are. BE who, I made and called you to be.

Many times, you have wondered… what must I do Father? It is not a question of what you must do because the blood of JESUS did it all for you. Reconsider and rephrase; where should I be? Listen to the tender whispers of my love even in your sleep and know you are where you should be. Here in my love. Covered with my pinions and under my wings. Just BE with me. Be seated with me in the heavenly places and reign in this life. Do not forget child, you are royalty. You are kingdom made and treasured. Take your seat at the table and feed on and in my presence.

Why do you long for that which money cannot purchase? That which does not satisfy or fulfill. Abide in me. Dwell in me. For, I have made all things available to you. You are not denied and will not be denied. You are not delayed and will not be delayed. As you dwell and abide in and with me, you bear much fruit not because you did but because you were with and in me. Even in the pruning, abide and dwell. This is your inheritance. This is your portion in the land of the living; to be a son,to be a daughter of the LORD.

When the storms of life come, do not fear. When the winds  blow,  do not be shaken. When the drought surges in, do not thirst. For you, O my child are planted by streams of living waters where you bear fruit in and out of season. In me, there’s no hunger or thirst because I AM he who fills. I AM he who fulfills. I AM your deliverer. I AM your peace. I AM your shelter. I AM all you need. I AM your all in all. So be still, as I quiet you with my love and rejoice over you with singing. You are my beloved…. be loved.


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