Royal Table – September 2017

royal table


This is a season of an awakening. This is a season of manifestation. Arise and shine! Arise and shine sons and daughters of the covenant of the blood of JESUS. Behold your King! Behold your LORD!

Creation, all of creation has been groaning and awaiting this time. This season of your manifestation. In you, in your mouth, he has placed strength, power and dignity. The King calls you forth to manifest. You, who has fed and still feed at his table.

You have carried his holy unction and anointing upon your life. You have tarried and not wearied because you waited upon your LORD and GOD. Now, he calls you to manifest. Manifest his presence and power in his glory and majesty.

Creation awaits you sons and daughters of his glorious inheritance to make him KNOWN unto the world. For you KNOW him and it is time to do exploits in his name.

Shall he bring to the point of birth and not cause to bring forth? Will he who gives delivery, shut the womb? Will the LORD OF THE HARVEST forget his fields of harvest? For even though, a nursing mother may forget her baby, the LORD will not forget his own! For he has engraved you in the palm of his hands and calls you out to manifest who he is in you. 

He who created the heavens and earth, did not create it to be void but to be inhabited and to be filled with the knowledge of his glory. The heavens and earth belong to him yet, he has given the earth to his inheritance; his sons and daughters to dominate, rule and manifest his dominion and majesty on earth as it is in heaven.
Come out, all you who have separated yourself into the LORD your God. Reveal his Majesty, reveal his love and his power to all. Let them know his goodness and shout for joy and declare that the LORD GOD reigns.

This is the time you have been waiting for, this is the time, creation has groaned for. For you carry the answers and solutions by his Holy Spirit that lives in you and has equipped you for every good work.

Arise and shine! Shine your father’s heart. Shine his glory and let all knees bow as every tongue confesses that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! 


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