Royal Table – July 2017

royal table


Ask of me for the latter rain. Ask of me few from heaven that drenches you with my favor and goodness.

You have asked but have you expected? You have expected but on what basis? Is your expectation based on your understanding and prior experience?

Base your expectations on me. Watch for streams of living waters to spring out of desert and wastelands. Who said you are hopeless or that you have no hope? Do you not know the Holy Spirit has been poured into your heart to give you endless hope and you have life and life in abundance?

Come to the streams of living waters and be revived. Jump into the river and be drenched in the motion of my love and mercy. Wash and be clean. Drink and be filled.

Know that I am your father and your LORD. My waves of refreshing and strength abound  for you today and forevermore as you look to me and rest in me.

Rest my beloved, rest my child. Rest in your father’s bosom.


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