Royal Table – June 2017

royal table


The month of June is a month of revelation.

Revelation into his word, the past, your present and future. This will be Isaiah 30:21 revelation kind; a Knowing and knowing what to do with the Knowing

Hearts will be restored to the LORD as he gives you a retrospective view of his goodness and interventions from your past and present yet revealing the truth of who he is in your future.

There will be many revelations on the second coming of Christ JESUS. Not to cause fear because fear has to do with punishment. His coming is to bring joy and restoration to a broken and sinful world.

Revelations of the conditions of  your heart will be made known to you, so that you can repent and be holy as he is holy.

Revelations of identity , purpose , calling and destiny will flood the eyes of people; young, old, strong and weak, saved and unsaved.

Revelation that brings healing and restoration will abound. The person hood of JESUS and his heart will be revealed to many especially those that intentionally and purposefully seek him. Revelation will not only include visions, dreams and heavenly visitations but unprecedented occurrences that John and Paul were not permitted to share.

Hope will arise and hearts  will be revived with these revelations. Yet, it comes with much responsibility because you are not a storehouse of his blessings but a conduit and channel of his light, love and redemption.

So seek the LORD while he may be found and receive your portion of his grace and glory being revealed.


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