Royal Table – May 2017

royal table


Arise! Arise! Hear the clarion call of destiny and arise. Why do you slumber and lie still when I call you into a place of purpose and destiny?

Again, I say Arise! With the command comes power and authority. You are well able to arise because of the power in my word. Therefore arise! Cast of garments of shame, guilt, disappointments, envy and slander.  Arise! Where are your mourners, spectators and accusers? In the midst of chaos and doubt, I call you out to arise. Be strong and be of good courage. I have brought you into this moment and time not to leave you dead or still. You shall not be disgraced and reproach will be far from you. 

Rise up from where you are laying. Why do you wait for man’s wisdom and approval when, I have commissioned and commanded you to rise? I am your answer, I am your salvation and deliverer and I call out to  you to arise. Many have regarded and proclaimed you and your dreams as dead. Yet, I am the author and finisher of life and my word to you is Arise! Rise up with the dreams, visions, plans and things I have committed and woven into you. They are not dead or forsaken. I do not forsake! When I begin, I finish. This is the opportune time for adornment and outdooring. Refuse to be denied. Refuse to conform and rise up.

Rise up because I have made you whole. I call you redeemed. Rise up to the table set in the midst of your enemies. Rise up from the bed of disappointment and rejection. I have made all things new for my glory.I make all things new for my name sake. How will my name and glory be revealed, if you lie on your bed of comfort, pain or convenience?

Rise up with a shout of victory.Rise up and be strengthened. Receive strength for your feeble bones. Receive grace for the journey ahead. Receive all that pertains to life and godliness. It is yours for the taking. It is yours to receive. So Arise! For your King has come and the Glory of the LORD is risen upon you.


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