Awakening love

There is a divine order found in Genesis 2; God presented Eve to Adam not the other way round.Anything done out of order is disastrous




“She was filled with so much excitement. This was it! The man of her dreams! Exactly what she imagined and prayed for! And the best part; he looked similar to the guy she had been seeing in her dreams for the past 3 months.She couldn’t wait to start planning her wedding…colors..venue ooh so much to do. But oh wait; he didn’t even ask for her number. Didn’t he know she was to be his wife? Well, he was probably tired or overwhelmed. Sooner or later, he’d realize that they are meant to be. For now, she must start planning their future dates and the big day of their marriage.”

Do not awaken love until its proper time

Do not awaken love until its proper time; Song of Solomon 8:4 , Song of Solomon 3:5. There must be a reason why the same message is repeated in one book of the Bible. Most likely due to the fact that women are more prone or enticed to awaken love before its proper time.

 Women are naturally caretakers and “fixers”

Women are naturally caretakers and “fixers” if you would. It is not unnatural for us to think that we can help people especially the ones in our lives to straighten up and get their lives together. Hence many times, often than not we get ourselves into relationships and situations we have no business in or with.

You might have experienced it or at least witnessed a situation whereby a woman is so sure, she has met the man of her dreams but in the long run it isn’t so. It becomes more complicated when you believe God showed or directed you to the said person. It is necessary to question your motives, thoughts and perceptions. Are you really sure God has shown you he or she is the one? Are you attracted to the God, the ministry or the image you see in the person or are you really attracted to the person? Is attraction even enough?

– Are they giving any signals or have they showed interest? or is it just your perception?Remember the last time..a guy was interested in you but it totally irritated you? He probably feels the same way. If he is not pursuing..he’s definitely not interested.If God said he’s really the one for you..he’d speak to him. He spoke to Mary and Joseph both because he had purpose…Are you making up purpose!..daydreaming and giving necessary grace…excuses such as;

– A very pathetic but outright  lie that we say is that; He really needs me..he just doesn’t know. Honey..when a baby who knows “nothing” cries because it wants food..warmth and all… how can a grown up man not know he needs you???

– He is shy……I need to help him. When purpose and destiny joins..there’s no shyness. Eve was the first human Adam saw  but he spoke to her as soon as he saw her and “knew” her.No one had to teach him nothing! He had courage because that’s what he wanted and needed so he sought it. When a man sees what he wants, he goes for it.He will work 14 years like Jacob did if he has to because he loved her.

– He is not ready yet! Exactly! He is not ready for you. He might not be in the right season for relationship or marriage. If he really cherishes you, he’ll make a move to avoid losing you even if he’s not ready..he’ll let his intentions be known to you and let you know what he is dealing  with. If he is not ready? Give him space, allow him to get ready. You can’t rush his need or maturity. You can’t make anyone ready.

It is interesting that there’s a theology out there that says God doesn’t choose a mate and all… It is quite interesting though, because  if  you can trust God for salvation. which is eternal,why can’t you trust God for an earthly temporal relationship. Obviously God is not going to send you a spouse wrapped up in ribbons but if you ask him and trust him to choose..he’ll lead you to one whose destiny is connected to yours. Marriage is about destiny not delusions.

Okay, Let’s look at scenario,if you pray for someone to be healed and they get you say God helped me heal or will you say God healed this person? Exactly! You will say,God healed the person. So if God leads you through prayer to a man or woman after his own heart…did God help you choose or God chose for you? I hope you get my point.

Sometime ago, I began to get the impression that God was leading me to be joined to a guy, I knew in marriage. I prayed about it. I didn’t say a word to the guy and literally watched as he told me was getting married. Was I foolish to have kept quiet? I don’t think so because each time, I asked God what to do, he said ” Be still and Know, I am God”. Did I get it wrong or did God get it wrong? Obviously, God does not ever get it wrong! He knows the end from the beginning.

Was it God’s will for us to be married? I doubt so because God’s purpose and will always comes to pass as we surrender to him. So even though, I had the perception he was to be my husband,it could be my own desires or the enemy messing with me so I can doubt God’s faithfulness and lose trust in God in that area of my life. Remember John 10:10 ; the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.

There is a divine order found in Genesis 2; God presented Eve to Adam not the other way round.Anything done out-of-order is disastrous

There is a divine order found in Genesis 2; God presented Eve to Adam not the other way round.Anything done out-of-order is disastrous.When the winds come too far; it’s called a tornado. When the waves of the sea exceed its stopline; it’s called a flood.When a woman has a baby before it’s time, it’s called a “premie” or premature. When  you awaken love before it’s time; it’s called “disaster in waiting”

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