Royal Table


royal table

The field is ripe. The harvest is plentiful. Who will I send? Who will heed my call? The barns are full, the press is overflowing with wine. Who will heed my call? Who will carry my fruits to the weak and hungry? Who will clothe the naked with my warmth and Glory?

Many are the thoughts of a man but it is the LORD who establishes his way. I know your thoughts and I know my thoughts for you. You do not know the entirety of my thoughts toward you. It is great and overwhelming for your mind to comprehend. The sum of its vastness, all of creation cannot contain. My thoughts for you is glorious and majestic and I need you to walk with me and partner with me to see its fruition in your life. I desire to make known to you the path of life.

Behold, I have laid before you an open door, a glorious invitation to partnership with me. You are not a servant. You are a heir and child. So come and co-labor with and for your father’s kingdom. You have an open invitation. Greatness is calling out to you. The deep is calling out to you. Wisdom is calling out to you. Mysteries and revelation is calling out your name.

This is the season of harvest

This is the season of harvest. A time for you to step out in faith and in power. To reap where you have not sowed. To harvest where you have not labored. The work is done. The foundation has been laid. It is harvest time. Harvest souls from perishing. Harvest my healing and redemption in the land. Feed my people from the ever flowing banquet of my presence. All I need is that you come to an understanding of your season and the grace that abounds to you, knowing your Father is faithful.

So come to the table of the king. Call out to all you find in the streets. No longer is the banquet of my presence and goodness reserved for those who were invited.It is open to all. Come and drink free from the streams of living waters; all who thirst. Come and buy and eat freely without money all who hunger. This is the season of open invitation. This is the season of harvest.


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