The Edge


In a flash, I saw the hand of God lift up from my life…. I realized my folly and the deception of my heart. I was laid bare, exposed and uncovered because the hand that held kept and shielded me had just lifted and I had been graced to have a glimpse of it. My heart was heavy, I was ashamed and vulnerable because his gracious hand had lifted. I knew then and there only he can save because I had come to the edge of the cliff… I needed a savior. So, I called out to him sincerely to burn it all out, all the pride and deception of my heart and leave only him. He was all I needed and all I had.

The road to the edge of the cliff is not always conspicuous. In fact, it is the way of all of the root of sin; pride. Pride is just like its author; the prince of darkness. It creeps in unaware, ignores reason and justifies it’s action until it comes tumbling down with a mighty fall.(Proverbs 16:17-18)

The edge in life, is the place of separation where the wheat is separated from the tare.It is not necessarily a place of test but of temptation. The difference between temptation and test is that carnal desires, birth and lead us into temptation.(James 1:13-14). Simply put the edge that I am referring to, is the point or place in your life where you either choose to uphold and honor God’s word in your life or you let it fall to the ground. It can be a “quick” business deal that can earn you a lot of money that will make your life super comfortable or “help” you retire early yet you know from the depths of your heart is not pleasing to God.

If you refer to yourself as a christian or a child of God, you have an advantage in the sense that; not only do you have the conscience that every human being has in discerning what is right and what is wrong but you also have the Holy Spirit ‘s guidance to help you not to conform to the standards of the world. Why is this important? This is very essential because the fallen state of man and the world is geared toward what “feels,”seems” and “sounds”good. However, this is not the standard God has for those who commit to him.(Romans 12:2). This means, the best way not to be shaped by this world is to know what God’s word and will is for your life.

The best way not to be shaped by this world is to know what God’s word and will is for your life

You can be assured that, your flesh (desires) will not easily submit to the word of God. So it will “try” to rebel or usurp the authority of God’s word and your faith in Christ Jesus. This is when the enemy comes in with; “has God said?” lies as it occurred in the garden of Eden.(Genesis 3:1).When you come to the door trap of compromise, your faith and the word of God will be tested by your flesh to succumb to temptation of  your carnal desires.

When you come to the door trap of compromise, your faith and the word of God will be tested by your flesh to succumb to temptation of  your carnal desires

Let me bring this home and make it a little bit more relational. You wouldn’t kiss fire to know it’s won’t jump over a cliff to ascertain its depth or won’t plunge into an ocean to determine how fast you can swim..right? Of course no! You are too intelligent for that. Yet we fall prey to the desires of our flesh time and over. However, God is gracious to provide a way of escape each time.(1 Corinthians 10:13).

Whenever,  you begin to make “acceptable excuses” to the word of God  and his will for your life, you are at the edge. Some of common acceptable excuses  include; ” we are going to get married anyways, why can’t we sleep together”? “Touching and petting is not really sex is it”?. The edge is not only related to fornication or adultery but relates to everything , you know from God’s word (the Bible)to be wrong but you wan’t to do it anyways.

A very popular story is told of a frog put in lukewarm water on a fire. It goes on to say because the water was initially lukewarm, the frog did not realize the water was getting warmer and before it was aware, it was already boiling and too late to escape. This is what happens when we hear about great men and women of God who fall into sin especially sexual sins. They did not wake up one day and decide to defy God, it was a gradual process of entertaining certain thoughts and then eventually falling over when they got to the edge of compromise.

It is worthy to note that, Samson was aware of the reason Delilah wanted to know the source of his strength since she tried it 3 times! Yet he slept on her laps again and again until he fell over the edge!(Judges 16:1-20). How about the man after God’s  own heart, King David. When he saw the woman bathing, he did not restrain. Not only did he inquire about her but had her brought in so he could lay with her.(2 Samuel 11:1-5).

If you do a quick google search on “how far is too far or the”what can I get away with question?”.You would find diverse views such as ; it is okay to fondle, kiss, sleep on the same bed and build your resistance and do all this other stuff because sex only happens with penetration. You’d be surprised some of this comes from so called reputable men and women of God. The truth though is you will be judged based on God’s standard when you stand  before his judgment throne when this life is over and not the minister you referred to and adhered to.

There is a certain kind of confidence birthed out of pride and sin. It is called the “sin confidence”. Literally, it screams;  “what can I get away with this time”? and this is exactly what King David did. Sin confidence made him kill his loyal soldier so he could have his wife.(2 Samuel 11:6-26). Sin confidence will let you opt to flirt with someone,(what harm can there be?) it will let you keep watching and listening to violent and obscene images and assure you it ain’t nothing. It was what led to Canaan’s curse because Ham, the father of the Canaanites  did not repent of the sin he committed with sight (Genesis 9:22-25). In Proverbs 7:21-23, there is  mention of  a simple man (a person without wisdom or discernment ) who walks the way of destruction because the adulterous woman persuaded him with; “what they could get away with” (“sin confidence”).The only thing, you get away with in sin is destruction and eternal separation from a loving God..

When you stand at the edge of the cliff of compromise, know that the LORD is gracious and has made provisions for you to overcome the temptation of your flesh. You really don’t have to fall off the cliff. Hold on to the word of God and his mercy for your life. ” Having done all, STAND. (Ephesians 6:13)



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