Royal Table – December 2016



royal table

The land is yours. Go up and take it. Yet you ask; which land? Yet again, I’ll remind you; the land I promised to you even from the beginning of the year. Why do you think it is too late? Caleb took his possession even at age 85 because he knew he who had promised was faithful. I ask you child, did Caleb not see the giants in the land as the others did? Yet he had eyes of faith and the spirit of understanding. He knew I am not a God who teases. He knew that my goodness and loving kindness endures forever hence if I have brought him to it than I was also able to let him to take it.

Can you see with your eyes of faith and understanding? Do you still see my promises and faithfulness as everlasting or is your heart moved because of the giants in the land. I have said time and over, I‘ll never leave nor forsake you. The time is due. It is now. Go in and take. Go in and conquer and establish your birthright in inheritance. As you see, so shall you have. As you speak, so shall you receive. Yes it is a come up higher time to receive your inheritance. It is yours. I am with you and in you, both to help you and to work in you to will and to do for my good pleasure which is your foundation and birthright.


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