The Brewery

In life we are all brewers. We brew and drink from our own brewery……..If you don’t like what you brew, you can always change it. The choice is yours



I ain’t no expert at brewing but I do know that the “strength’ or “goodness ” of an alcoholic drink is very much dependent on the fermentation process. The fermentation process involves the chemical breakdown of the malt extract by bacteria, yeast or other microorganism and the subsequent production of carbon dioxide(CO2)  and ethanol/alcohol as byproducts. It is interesting to note that the word ferment also means to incite or stir up.

You might wonder where am going with all of this… Well, this blog post is not about how to make good beer at home or teach you the science of fermentation. On the contrary, it is about an ageless enemy of humans. Wait! I am not talking about the devil.(Even though he is very well, the root and the agent of fear and it’s one of his famous devices/weapons) I am referring to the evil of fear which is common to all and sundry. Follow along as I tell you bits of my experience with this evil.

When I was a little girl ; ) I wanted to be an epitome of perfection not in looks or anything but I wanted to be perfect in my decision-making even as a little girl and throughout my teenage years. I did not want to take wrong turns that would disappoint God, my parents and anyone who mattered to me. Unknowingly, I had began a brewery of fear in my life. As my adult years began to form, my “little brewery”  also grew as I introduced the microorganism and  yeast of “expectation of people”(about how my life should be and what ought to happen at certain periods of my life) and “self pride”(on how I had not made a blunder of my life in any major decision I had taken yet)

Before long, I added to my brewery; the fear of marrying the “wrong person”. Yes, I do believe there is a wrong and right person based on this criteria; the right person is your destiny helper and vice versa while the wrong person is your destiny thwart-er/breaker or destiny wrecker. Either ways, I hope you get my point. The fear of marrying the wrong person became so much of a concern that, its fermentation process became excellent! The microorganisms and yeast did well to release tons of carbon dioxide (confusion) and ethanol (stimulant & euphoric sensations). I hope, I haven’t lost you…Hang in there with me.                                   

I hold the belief that everything in life whether living or not has a smell to it.(You don’t have to agree or disagree). Anyways, sooner than later the sweet smell or stench of my brewery and incitement of the  fear of marrying the wrong person drew me to someone or someone to me. When I began talking to and eventually dated this man, my fear did not dissipate , rather the by -products of the fermentation process doubled. The CO2 (confusion) and ethanol (stimulation(s) and euphoria of having met “Mr Right”) were like the tidal waves of a storm;  up and down almost all the time.

When the relationship fell apart, I began to question my ability to make good decisions, something hitherto I had prided myself in (Pride definitely goes before fall as the Bible said in Proverbs 16:18). God began to reveal my heart to me as I pondered the events of the relationship. It was during this “heart surgery”, that I realized that I had misplaced my identity; you can read about this in an earlier blog post – Single ladies,ring on it? and also found out that the fear which I had harbored and stirred up led me to the “wrong person” like Job said in  Job 3:25 ; that what he feared; came upon him. Fear is not of God, rather God’s perfect love when established in your heart casts out fear 1 John 4:18. God’s truth of his faithfulness and perfect love subsequently set me free from this fear through God’s perfect love from the flavor/smell of the fear of marrying the wrong person.

In life we are all brewers. We brew and drink from our own brewery. Someone can influence what you brew but no one can brew for you or dictate what you brew because you are the first to taste of what you brew.If you don’t like what you brew, you can always change it. The choice is yours.

In life we are all brewers. We brew and drink from our own brewery.

What are you brewing or stirring up in your life?

Your fear might be with a different thing or in a different area of your life.. It can be fear of being alone, fear of cancer, death or even lack. Fear is a constant battle because fear is a proven and effective tool of the enemy and he’s not going to give up just because in one area of your life, you defeat him by Christ’s petfect love. He’ll keep bringing it up in different aspects  and areas of your life. However, the good news is that, but we have a high priest; Christ Jesus who is able to help us in our weakness.(Hebrews 4:15). He is faithful to cleanse you from every toxic effect of anything brewed in your life and able to make you whole again.


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