Ishac (Part 2)

When you know who you are, you discover your abilities and your strength. You know your do’s and your don’ts and in it you find your place and your purpose in life. There is no striving or competition because you are comfortable with you.



Ishac as explained in Ishac 1 is first and foremost a pretender. He acts like he is “it”. All you have ever wanted or needed; the very answer to your prayer but as already mentioned in the previous post, his fruits do not match or align with the person he says he is. He calls himself a man of God but wants to explore your body and get to know you intimately before marriage.The catch though is that, he does not clearly say this to you. His major target is to twist your identity because identity is core to every living thing. As an example, a rat knows it is rat and not an elephant hence, it will not dare to stomp over a dog when it encounters one. This is because it knows what it is and as a result what it can do or not do.

When you know who you are, you discover your abilities and your strength. You know your do’s and your don’ts and in it you find your place and your purpose in life. There is no striving or competition because you are comfortable with you.

The strategy of an Ishac  is to at the very basic steal your identity.So he comes in forging his identity, faking who he is so he can have your heart. Proverbs 4:23  This is what happened to Abraham. He had waited and waited for the promise to the point that when Ishmael was born he began to think Ishmael was the promise so much that he asked God to bless Ishmael as a substitute for the promised son Genesis 17: 18-21. We do this too. Many times in our own lives, after waiting on God for what we perceive as a long time. Your prayers start to change to something like; ” Oh LORD please make him the one”, when you know from the depth of your heart, he isn’t anything like what God has promised or where God wants to lead you.

The thing about Ishac though is that once he is able to forge his identity and establish himself with you, the next thing he moves to is your identity. Did you just ask why? He does this because he can only keep his act for so long. Thus, he has to twist your identity so that when he is fully unmasked you don’t know who he is or who you even are because he is an identity theft and has stolen your identity. I know this is kinda deep but I’ll try to break it down.

After a while , “Mr nice guy, I love God” wants to get into your skirt but he isn’t gonna do it straight up. He has to do this gradually by beginning to create doubt and fear in your mind about God’s words and promises for your life. He uses the same trick and verbiage the serpent used because  he is on a mission; “Has God said?”

Ishac un-identifies and misidentifies  you in order for you to  to identify with him

Soon, you start to question whether it is wrong to kiss or fondle when prior to Ishac, you knew the answer and could give a sermon on that even while asleep .Before you long, you are cuddling and all…! Your faith and value system on which your identity had been founded starts to degrade.You eventually get to the point where all you are well versed with the “appetizer” and now you want a bite of the “main meal”.

Somehow at this point, a bell rings in your heard; sex before marriage is wrong so you say so but Ishac turns on you and calls you a hypocrite that you are not even the woman he thought you were and how you had played along and now you want to back out.
Mostly at this point, you are in a state of confusion because what he is saying is kinda true, you are not sure who you are. : (
I know this will not be the situation for most people but the theme cuts across.It’s all about identity. This is what the enemy attacks. This is what every Ishac wants.
The most dangerous part of this, is not falling into sin but getting to the point where you doubt and begin to distrust God. Maybe, just maybe your Isaac is not gonna come after all. Perhaps, you didn’t hear God right. What if, this is as good as it gets?
Ladies, any man who causes you to doubt God, his words and promises to you is not one you’d want to hang around, Let alone marry! 
He spells and smells danger. “What will you gain, if you own the whole world but destroy yourself? What would you give to get back your soul?”(Matthew 16:26). Will you lose your eternal life for maximum of 90 years of marriage or relationship?

You cannot make an Ishac, an Isaac. This is where most of us trip. Yes, he is tall, dark and handsome,he has a great sense of humor and is financially stable yet he is missing the “God part”. This is a test of your flesh and faith. Will you succumb to the pressures and pleasures of your flesh or will you walk by faith, knowing and believing that he who has called and commissioned you is faithful? Please, do not get me wrong, we are called to be a light in the world, so it’s perfectly fine and God’s will for you to lead others to Christ Jesus. However, check your motive if you are leading him to Christ, so you can make him a “fit spouse or good enough” for you, then your heart is not right.

Once your identity in God has been replaced by your identity with, and in  Ishac, you become an easy prey for the enemy because you have given him essentially the keys to your soul. Depression, bitterness, self -pity, self- hate and a skewed image of God sets in. The only safe place for your life and identity is in JESUS and nothing or no one else.

Why does God allow an Ishac into your life if he is all sovereign and all knowing? God loves you infinitely and wants you to walk in his truth and light. So, sometimes an Ishac comes to reveal the status of your heart in your walk with God. Remember God did not send him, it is your desires that led you to an Ishac. The LORD God does not tempt! (James 1:13). Yet he is faithful and just to help you in your weakness and will not allow you to go through any temptation that you cannot handle. (1 Corinthians 10:13). How does he know you can handle this? He knows you can because he is your strength and help and he causes all things to work for your good because you love him and have been called to his purpose.

When you encounter an Ishac and fall, do not stay on the ground. Rise up again as written in Micah 7:8 : “Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy. Though I fall I will rise; Though I dwell in darkness, the Lord is a light for me”

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