Ishac (Part 1)

“For where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom”.(2 Corinthians 3:17)

“The LORD is not an author of confusion but of peace..”(1 Corinthians 14:33a)


Lost and Confused Signpost


Have you encountered Ishac? Please don’t say no, until you know or  hear what I am talking about. You’ve probably heard about Ishmael right? If not I most definitely believe you have heard about Isaac especially if you are single. The “cliché” of Isaac; the man of your dreams. The man who loves and trust God so much that he leaves finding you in the hands of God as he meditates in the fields.(Genesis 24:63). Isaac and Ishmael are men with representations of different identities even though they were half brothers. It is important to know their identities and more especially when there is a mixture of their attributes in a person who I will call Ishac (Ishmael + Isaac). Join me as we delve into their lives.

In Genesis 12:1-4, the LORD calls Abram out of his family, his people and idols and commissions him on a journey without a road map or GPS but with his word because the  LORD’s word is exalted above even his own name (Psalm 138:2). I am sure you can relate. You were probably not born into a family or heritage of believers just like me. If you take time to dig, you’d probably find out your great grandparents were priests and priestess to idols. Yet by God’s grace and mercy he has called you out to be his own child and a light unto your family and world. Most of us have had glimpses of what we believe the LORD has called us to but I am unsure if anyone has the whole blueprint laid out before them. This is the same journey of trust and faith we share with.Abram.

Years down the road, God has been faithful to Abram and blessed him with wealth and riches, yet not all of the LORD’s promises have been fulfilled(Genesis 15:1-6). Don’t you feel like that sometimes? You know God is faithful and good yet there’s this aspect of your life that,his promises have not yet been established.

And so, many years in the waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promise, Sarai came up with a great idea on how to “help” God! No smirking allowed! You have done so too. Many times, we begin to think God’s clock is off or he definitely  and desperately needs human help in accomplishing what he has purposed…smh and it sounds great when you begin to think like that. You reason, it ain’t wrong because; you are not in it for your Glory but his Glory. I mean what could be possibly wrong with that? The interesting thing is, Sarai’s great idea didn’t seem so wonderful because she became despised by her own wise and smart idea and counsel(.Genesis 16:1-5)

When you step out into that ministry, relationship and career you know and you know(just had to repeat it) God has not called you to, but it seems like a cool way to help God out after all it is for his Glory. Sooner than later, you realize how “smart” that idea was because all it brought to you was shame, guilt, disappointment and condemnation.This comes to us very easy as females; motherly instinct arising, always trying to cater for someone and be the savior of the day. My dear one, you have no business doing what God has not called you to. You have no business, fixing what only God can fix.The battle is not yours but the LORD’s! Stay your ground, full dressed in the armor of God and do only what he has called you to be and do. It isn’t a competition. It is identity, purpose and destiny.

I am quite sure that when Hagai; Sarai’s handmaid gave birth to Ishmael, Abram was tempted to think this was it because God had said; his heir would come from his own body.(Genesis 15:4). I have realized in my walk with the LORD that the enemy has vast limitations despite his cunning wit. He is only an imitator not a creator. He will often present what looks like the “real deal” as though it is. After all he parades like an angel of light and prowls around like a lion. He is neither an angel of light nor is he a lion.(1 Corinthians 11:141 Peter 5:8) This is the first identity of Ishmael.

Ishmael is a pretender. He tries to portray godliness but he lacks it’s very form (2 Timothy 3:5). The key is to check the identity being portrayed against the fruit (Matthew 7:16-20 ).Will an Isaac man or an Ishmael want to know you intimately before marriage? Forget about titles. Satan himself was called Lucifer meaning ;son of the morning Isaiah 14:12.Judge for yourself!

To be continued..





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