“This is where the walls gave way,
This is demolition day.
All the debris and all this dust
What is left of what once was…
Sorting through what goes and what should stay
What happens now when all you’ve made is torn down…. Beauty in the breaking”
(Lyrics of Unmaking by Nicole Nordeman)



Ashes are residue of what was.
The leftover of what once stood.
There is only so much you can do with ashes. You can either store it and continually brood over what was or could have been before it came down or you can throw it out or better still you can give it to the LORD God Almighty.

Diana the only daughter of Jacob, the son of Isaac had an ashes experience according to  Genesis 34 :1-2.Dinah went out (of her protection and covering) to see the daughters of the land. Question is what business did a daughter of God have to do with the daughters of the land? The Hivites were ungodly or heathen people with customs and traditions that were abhorrent to the LORD. Why was Dinah associating with them.The Bible says ; “Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”(1 Corinthians 15:33)
Unfortunately for her, she was sexually abused by the prince of the land.The amplified bible says; she was humbled, defiled and disgraced.
A virgin daughter of Israel was ravished by an uncircumcised man like a prostitute. Her dignity and honor lay in shatters and pieces. She had been taken undue advantage of by a stranger.
Can you imagine the terror, shame and guilt?
The bible does not state explicitly what became of Dinah after this ordeal but I believe she ultimately gave her bitter experience to the LORD of restoration; Christ Jesus.
In 2 Samuel 13; we learn of a daughter of King David who was called Tamar and was lovely. Tamar had a half brother by name Amnon who was so consumed with lust for his half sister, dude became sick! As sickening as this sounds, Ammon through deceit and craftiness raped her. It is a sad story because Tamar remained in her zone of protection  and covering and yet her own brother who according to their custom could have asked for her hand in marriage chose to forcefully sleep with her. The most amazing part of the story unlike Dinah’s wherein the prince sought for her hand in marriage after the incident, the bible records that Ammon hated Tamar exceedingly after shaming her.
Once again, the only record in the bible of Tamar after this horrifying experience was she became a desolate woman in her brother Absalom’s house.
To bring the issue of surrendering the ashes of life home. Let’s take a look at what international evangelist; Joyce Meyer did with the ashes from her life.You can read about it from here; Life beyond abuse

From a childhood of sexual abuse; Joyce Meyer chose not to remain a victim of her ashes but rose up as a victor through Christ Jesus. Today her ministry has flourished and God has used her sermons to touch and mold many lives including mine.
Daughter of Zion; your ashes does not define your future. As horific and painful the experiences of sexual abuse, divorce, broken relationships can be; there is always one man who loves you unconditionally. He doesn’t condemn you, shame you or call you guilty. He bore the sins of the world even the one who abused you or broke your heart. His blood shed on the cross is enough to cover your shame and guilt. Bring it to the feet of the cross. Let Jesus take your ashes and give you beauty in all the sacred places of your life.

We come to you with all the scars and broken pieces of our lives. In your mighty name, I break any chains of guilt, shame and condemnation from the life of the reader.We surrender our ashes to you Jesus because you alone can bring beauty out of it. I apply the redemptive blood over all hurts and wounds and I declare healing in Jesus mighty name, Amen.


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