“Beginning, just let that word wash over you.
It’s alright now , let love’s healing hand pull you through
So get back up. Take step one. Leave the darkness, feel the sun. Cos your story is far from over and your journey has just begun”
Let every heartbreak and every scar be a picture that reminds you, who has carried you this far.( Lyrics of “Tell your heart to beat again by Danny Gokey )



You! Yes you! Why has your heart stopped beating? Why are you drifting away into a comatose?  What is clogging your arteries and veins?

You look astonished. You wonder what I am talking about. Yet you know there is a truth to it. Your heart has temporarily stopped beating. You have placed an artificial pacemaker to make the rhythm go  whenever you choose to. Slowly your heart is becoming defunct. You know you can take away the pacemaker, you know you can tell your heart to beat again. It isn’t that you don’t want your heart to beat again. You actually would want it to, yet you are not sure if you can endure or bear the cost of a fully functioning heart. Notwithstanding the fact that you know your pacemaker will soon give way because it is only a copy and not an original and hence it has its limitations. Why are you afraid? Come out of the darkness, defeat, shame and guilt and tell your heart to beat again.

Over the past few months, God has constantly been reminding to tell my heart to beat  again. I thought it was beating alright, but I didn’t realize it had been slowed down from pain and regret, the disappointment of myself and how I had lived my life. He was not condemning or chastising me but with a gentle love was drawing me to lay it at the feet of Christ. The fruit of the Spirit is joy and love, how could I walk in these when my heart was shutting down from regret. God’s thoughts for me and you are thoughts of good and for us to see his goodness in the land of the living. We need to let go of “wasted time” and focus on his redemption plan”

Many times in life, we subconsciously and unconsciously tell our heart to stop beating and we replace it with an artificial pacemaker. These are times in life when you are betrayed by the ones you love, when all you have dreamed of and worked for come crashing down leaving only the remains of what could have been. Times when you have lost loved ones even when you believed and prayed. Your heart goes numb and you ask it to stop beating because the more it pumps blood though your body, you are fully awakened to the pain and the reality of your circumstance; the very thing you want to get away from. So you shut it down because with every beat, you become fully alive to your failures, mistakes and regrets.

A childhood abuse, estranged parents, a divorce, a broken record of a love you once sung of can shut your heart down. You get to the place where you are fearful, doubtful and skeptic.You live a life of suspicion instead of trust yet you claim to love the LORD. How is this so? When you will not allow his love to flow through others to you, or through you to others,to show you his goodness, kindness and redemption.

Well, did he not say to guard  your heart in Proverbs 4:23? Is that not  exactly what you are doing? Umm…no he told you to guard your heart not to shut it down. He said “guard” it, protect it, care for it and not to  turn it off.. He said out of your heart flows the issues or  consequences of your life hence everything that you do or respond to is based on the condition of your heart. How can you love the LORD your God and your neighbor as yourself when you are nursing deep wounds of shame and disappointment that has shut your heart down.

Matthew 11:28 is a great reminder for all of us. He said come to me all who are tired and weary and he will give rest. This is an open invitation to draw nearer, to surrender all the heartaches that is clogging your heart and has shut it down. Jesus wants to give us rest; each one of us from our pains,disappointment,guilt and regret. It is time to lay it all down again at his feet and declare that it is enough that Jesus died. To proclaim that his blood is enough to cover shame with grace, guilt with acceptance and regrets with redemption.
It’s time to open up the valves of your heart and let the life and blood of Jesus flow through it. Tell your heart to awaken. Tell your heart to beat again. You have the power and authority to do so. Say my heart; “it’s time to beat and come alive again”


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