My ass or I?

When the road winds down, when hopes are dashed. Is it about WHO and WHOSE you are or about why and how?


Balaam is your guy. Why? Well because he can foretell the future. I mean who wouldn’t want to be cool with a guy who can tell you what will happen tomorrow? Sure you would be thrilled to be his friend. So here is his resume; he is the son of Beor,  a man whose eyes are opened and one who hears the words of God and the vision of the Almighty.(Numbers 24:3-4)

So this guy Balaam receives an offer from the King of Moab whose name is Balak (which means spoiler or one who wastes or destroys) due to his impressive resume! The offer looks really good and all that Balaam has to do, is to curse the Israelites so that Balak can defeat the Israelites. Balaam consults the LORD in Numbers 22 and the LORD says to him; “If the men come to call you, rise up and go with them, but still only what I tell you may you do”. Well right after receiving this word, Balaam gets up in the morning, gets on his donkey and goes with the princes of Moab.

God gets a little pissed off with Balaam for his disobedience. Why would God be angry at Balaam, didn’t he tell him to go with the men? Ermmm.. NO! he didn’t! What he said was “If the men come to you, rise up and go with them….” Instead Balaam rose up right after the word and leaves with the men when the word was to go with the men “if they call him!” You can relate to Balaam right? No? Remember the last time you asked God about something and he told you what to do and you got too excited you did what you thought he had said?

Anyways, God sends an angel to stand in Balaam’s way with a sword drawn. However,Balaam who calls himself a man whose eyes are opened is unable to see the angel of the LORD but his donkey(ass) does. The donkey thrusts itself against a wall and crushes Balaam’s foot against it. Balaam ignorantly struck the donkey until God opens the ass’s mouth to speak. Thereafter, the LORD opens Balaam’s eyes to see the angel standing in the way. He then realizes it wasn’t the ass tripping him, it was his own flesh and disobedience that almost cost him his life.

Many times, it is easy to think it is your environment, circumstance or the person you are or were with that is the cause of your troubles. Well, this is mostly  not the case 90% of the time. It is quite hard to “see”in the midst of  the situation until the LORD opens you eyes to see clearly. Whenever, your environment is not conducive, when ” the one” leaves and when your situation goes from bad to worse, ask the LORD to help you see and recognize it for what it is.

The truth is; it is ALWAYS about your identity.It is about WHO you are  and CALLED to be in Christ Jesus. Your identity is the prime target of the enemy. If he can make you think it is the circumstance or that person who left, he can use that to control, oppress and depress you. If you let him, he’ll use it to make you bitter and dunk you into self-pity and self worthlessness. His power to do this is weakened and destroyed when you realize in all things that you are first and foremost; a daughter of the King of Kings, the creator of the universe. The realization that you are loved and unconditional accepted by the one TRUE and LIVING God; Jehovah Elohim sets you free from the action and inaction of people and circumstances.

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