No longer a victim


Are you a victim or a victor?
Many live life with a victim mentality in the physical and don’t realize it’s only a picture of their spiritual condition.
Whatever is in your spirit manifests on the outside. If I can push this further if someone is oppressed or depressed spiritually it manifests physically in the earthly realm.
Your spirit doesn’t sleep or get worn out. You cannot separate your spirit from your soul or body, mostly when that happens you are called “deceased” (de – cease).This means your existence has stopped/halted or is no longer.
Thus if in the realms of the spirit, you are a victim; your personal outlook of life will manifest the same.
Let’s talk about dreams. Dreams are images or videos if you like of our spiritual being. We are more in tune with our physical bodies when we are awake. When we sleep; the spirit which doesn’t sleep is able to show us some if not all of the things we missed while the body & soul was predominant.
As an example in 2 Chronicles 1:7-12. King Solomon “made a decision in his sleep” to gain wisdom and so he became the wisest man in the world when he woke up. His spirit’s mindset was a victorious one, a royalty and in essence his physical life displayed this in riches.
Many times, christians become victims in our dreams. We are chased by ghosts, snakes and what have you because our spirit is not free. It’s bound in the victim mentality. We should be chasing anything that is not of God because we are victorious through the blood of Jesus.
I for most of my childhood had nightmares that left me with fear before I slept and even when I woke up until this was eventually broken off my life.
I no longer had nightmares but often had dreams of dogs chasing me which made me terrified of dogs in the natural. No matter how hard I prayed against this..I still experienced it.(Not to say prayer doesn’t work)
However, one day I had a revelation and understanding that the lion of the tribe of Judah lives in me(which in essence makes me a lion) and so I should be terrorizing the dogs not the other way around. Ever since, I testify to the glory of the LORD that no more dog terrors in dreams and in the natural, I am gradually overcoming the fear of dogs.
All it took was the revelation of JESUS in me that makes me a victor and not a victim.
You are a victor not a victim. Live out of this place. This is the place of freedom and reigning with Christ Jesus.


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