Forbidden fruit

You desire it. It is a craving. It is an insatiable want. You know it can kill you, yet you want it…


Come with me! Let’s take a journey into the Garden of Eden.

It is so lush and green, the grass beneath my naked foot is just the right temperature and feel. Walking is pleasurable. Everything here is alive. The leaves sway and nod as I pass by, the flowers sing the praises of the King. Adam, my other half has gone to attend to other parts of the garden. I love the cool of the evening when Adam and I walk and talk with the King. We get to be enveloped with the glory of his presence and love. It is almost consuming, the fierceness of his love. I love to walk around the garden and absorb the fragrances, sights and sounds. I can touch and eat of any fruit, they are very appetizing and energizing. Lest I forget, except the tree of  the knowledge of good and evil.

Let me pass by this tree so I can tell you more about it. Here we are. Hmm…I have never really looked at it closely. Well because mostly Adam and I walk here together and since we are not to eat it, I have never taken a closer look at this tree. But now that I am here, let’s see. It looks really good, it’s colors are vibrant and alive. I am able to see my image in the glowing color. Ah…. I wonder how it feels to touch it. Mmm..a little touch.

It feels wonderful. Fits perfectly into my palms. It doesn’t feel like any of the fruits, I have had in the garden. I can almost feel its juicy goodness in my palm. What if… What if.. My heart starts to pound. I feel the rustling of the leaves beneath my feet. I let go of the fruit for a minute to see what it is. Oh it’s only a slimy green creature, with dazzling mix of colors in its eyes. I gently stoop and lift it up. I love conversing with the creations in this place. I’ll talk with this one as there’s no sign of Adam. I rest the creature on the tree. It lifts up its head and stares at me. I look back and ask it why it’s staring. It begins to speak in a beautiful “sing song” voice. It wants to know how long I have been standing by the tree. We begin to talk about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This creature knows so much about this tree. It asks me if I will like to have a bite of its captivating fruit.I gasp! Was it so obvious, I was desiring its fruit? I reply that I would want to but my husband said the King has forbidden this fruit. It nods it’s head in a sad manner. I ask why… in its clear beautiful voice it says “because the King doesn’t want you to be wise as he is”

I definitely will like to be wise as the King. I take the fruit and sink my teeth into it as I taste of it. As soon as I took a bite, I heard Adam call me. He looks startled as he sees me eating from the fruit. I “feel full of wisdom” and urge him on take a bite. He does and as soon as he bites, our eyes become opened to our nakedness and fallen state.

The forbidden fruit now looks plain and unappetizing. It was a camouflage of what we had with the King. It has a sour  and bitter after taste. It held nothing of what was promised. It only exposed the weakness and infirmities of my soul. My deepest longing was still unfulfilled because I lost my contentment in the only one who satisfies; the KING.

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