Is he the one, Is he the one? :(


How many times have you asked yourself in the last month or so??? Is he the one, could he be the one? Prince charming that sweeps you off your feet. Your knight in shining armor who rescues you from all the ridicule and heartbreak! At last, the one who can recognize and see the “pearl” that you are! Finally he is here!

But wait, Is he really the one? Well.. he looks different from all the ones you have met so far. He doesn’t seem to be lusting after you like the others did. Well what if he doesn’t find you attractive that’s why he is not really chasing you like the others did. Hmm m… do you really want him to chase you like the others did? How will that make him any different from his predecessors?  Okay, you know you don’t want him to act like how all of the other guys did ,but how do you know he is even interested  in you? Seems like he does…. but he hasn’t even asked for your number yet! Should you go up to him and voluntarily give him your number like your friend suggested the last time? Mm mm, maybe yes, maybe not.  I mean you are supposed to a christian girl, a good girl. Good girls don’t do that, do they?

Oh boy! This really seems complicated than it is.  What strategy do you use now? He kinda seems he might be the one.Maybe he doesn’t even know, so how about helping him to see what a gem you are! Are you suggesting, I flirt with him? Flirting is not recorded as a sin in the bible is it?

You know what? Let’s ask Aunty Biblica over there, she usually has the answers to every question. Hi Aunty Biblica, how do you know he is the one or he is not? You know when you strongly believe he is the one but he doesn’t even realize he is and you are thinking about helping the “poor dude” out. Smiling Aunty Biblica  responds with a story as usual;

“In the town of Bethlehem lived a young widow with her mother in-law. The name of this beautiful young widow was Ruth. She happened to be a laborer or a worker in the farm of a very wealthy handsome man by name Boaz. He was related to Naomi, Ruth’s mother in-law and as custom was, he was eligible to marry Ruth.  He was very kind to Ruth, he gave her bonuses and showed her favor. Ruth and Naomi talked about his kindness and wondered if he was the one! There were options to consider; flirting with him or as people  of God use the “old style” custom to find out Boaz’s intentions.Guess what they decided to do? Yep, you are right they used the old style; Ruth would go uncover feet at night and lay at his feet. This was to ask for his covering and her willingness to submit to his headship and leadership. Boaz proved to be a  man who feared and honored God. He did not ask her to lay by his side or “let him test the goods” before buying. He honored her the next day and paid the price to make her his wife.

So my dear, Aunty Biblica continued; when you think he might be the one, do not go to him and ask neither should you choose to flirt with him but go back to the ancient path of prayer. Ask your father in heaven, if indeed he is the one.Don’t just ask! Listen carefully and then entrust your heart into your heavenly father’s hands to keep it with patience and obedience so you can hear and obey him as he responds to your question. Remember Psalm 127:1 -” Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it: Unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain”


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